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Electronic Locks

Medeco Logic Cliq

Logic is a new electromechanical product line that consists of digital keys and digital cylinders. Logic offers most of the functionality of more sophisticated access control systems. It includes features like scheduling, audit trails, and the ability to easily add and delete user keys. However, Logic installs without any wiring, door or frame modifications, or additional hardware. In fact, most doors can be upgraded to Logic in less than five minutes. The Logic product family includes Rim, Mortise, Key-In-Knob cylinders, deadbolt – both in commercial and residential styles, padlocks, and cam locks

Flexibility and Control
Logic provides a straightforward, cost-effective security solution where a mechanical masterkey system simply does not offer enough flexibility to keep up with businesses ever increasing demands. Logic offers strong physical security with the flexibility of schedules, audit trails, the ability to easily add and delete user keys, all in a retrofit cylinder that blends unobtrusively into existing hardware.

Digital Masterkeying

Digital Master Key Medeco Logic Cliq

Logic electromechanical keys and cylinders offer flexibility and security through digital masterkeying. By combining electronic and mechanical technologies, Logic cylinders install like mechanical cylinders, but offer the added advantages of audit trails, schedules, and all rekeying is done digitally. And, unlike mechanical masterkeying systems, Logic is not limited by a mechanical hierarchy. With Logic, any key can be programmed to work or not work any cylinder, regardless of its position in the system. Logic allows a system to be organized into a matrix for complete flexibility and control.

Audit Trails
Logic systems allow audit trails to be pulled from both the key and the cylinder. And, with up to 1,000 audit events, audit trails report user accesses, attempted accesses, and time/date stamps.

Add or Remove User Keys
Lost keys can simply be electronically deleted from the system to maintain security. And, any time a new user key is needed, it can be quickly and easy added–with a detailed record.

Instant Rekeying
Keys and cylinders can be instantly and easily deactivated or reprogrammed with different access permissions or schedules.

Easy Installation
Logic cylinders simply retrofit existing mechanical cylinders and leverage the use of existing door hardware without any door/hardware modifications. No electricity, hardwiring, phone, or Internet connection is necessary.

Program Cylinders or Keys
With easy-to-use software, Logic systems can be programmed with activations, expirations, and schedules.

System Management
For added convenience, Logic systems can be managed by Medeco dealers or end-users may self manage their systems with an optional programming device and software.

Easy To Use, Dependable Software
For end-users that want complete control 24/7/365, managing a Logic system is easy with optional Logic Manager software. And, with the support and leverage the world’s leading lock group, end-users can be assured that the software is dependable, secure, and not prone to constant upgrades/patches.

Proven Key Control and Physical Security
Logic systems incorporate two layers of security–mechanical and electronic. With factory controlled key cutting–and patented electronics–Logic offers superior protection against unauthorized key copying. In fact, Logic is the only retrofit cylinder that uses both electronics and mechanics to ensure a high degree of physical security.

Unlike many stand-alone systems, Logic cylinders blend discretely into existing hardware and architectural designs. In addition, cylinders are available in most common architectural finishes.

 Nexgen XT® Electronic Locking System

Nexgen Electronic Locking System


  • Control access to your equipment.
  • Track all openings and attempted openings of the lock.
  • No hardwiring allows for easy installation.
  • Electronic rekeying provides immediate response to lost or stolen keys.
  • Power comes from the key and not the equipment.