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Special Keying Arrangements

Northeast Lock offers a wide range of keying arrangements. We offer locks that meet the full spectrum of your security needs including simple, economically priced locks, durable medium security locks, and high end, patent-protected Medeco high security locks. Each style of lock can be provided with an array of keying options. Northeast Lock cuts keys and assembles locks to order at our facility which allows us to produce your order exactly the way that you need it. Some examples of what our customers have asked us to do are:

Keyed Alike:

This is probably the most standard type of keying. All of the locks within one system work with the same key. We offer multiple tiers of security for these types of locks. All of our locks and keys are made to ensure consistency in operation so you can be sure that every lock will work with every key.

Keyed Different:

In this scenario, each lock operates with its own key and cannot be opened with a different key. We have multiple style locks which are designed to get a different number of unique key combinations. Generally speaking, the more key combinations a lock can have, the more secure it is. Very cheap locks might have very few unique combinations (less than 50), but certain high security locks can be designed with millions of different key codes. Medeco high security locks, for example, have so many combinations that they are able to assign specific codes to specific customers. This allows you to know that no one else will have the same key that you have. Replacement keys can only be purchased by registered authorized personnel. This ensures that an unauthorized person doesn’t duplicate a key at a local hardware store and get unauthorized access to your system.

Master keying, Grandmaster Keying, Great Grandmaster keying.

We can create key systems that have change keys, master keys, grand master keys and great grandmaster keys. An example would be a science lab where each cabinet or drawer has its own specific key, but all of the locks in the room can be opened with a master key and then all of the rooms on a floor can be opened with the same grandmaster key and then all of the locks in the building can be opened with the same great grandmaster key.

Route keying for vending:

For vending companies, we are able to make locks in exactly the quantities that you need for your routes and we are able to do it quickly if you have a situation with a lost key or other break-ins. We can stamp the locks and keys with specific information for your company to make inventory easier to manage your key system. We can also serialize keys so that you know exactly which key you gave to each employee. Our electronic Bluetooth vending locks have scheduling and audit capabilities so you can decide exactly when you want someone to be able to open a lock and you can track when they did it or if they tried to do it when they weren’t authorized. Another benefit of using an electronic lock and key solution is that you can put keys on a blacklist if a key ever becomes lost or stolen.

Some applications require that locks be keyed alike in pairs or other quantities so that all of the locks on one product use the same key, but each product is different from one another. We can do this and we can package it exactly the way that you want to make installation more efficient.

Gaming/Casino keying arrangements:

Northeast Lock has the ability to produce large numbers of locks quickly if necessary. This can be required in any situation where your system has been compromised. Our Medeco High Security gaming locks are designed with a special horizontal key that is designed for high-use applications to prevent against breaking.

Maison Keying:

Maison keying is a unique keying arrangement that allows for different keys to open the same lock. Maison keying allows a person to carry one key for various applications instead of multiple keys. This must be planned out when the lock system is created. This cannot be done retroactively. An example might be in an apartment building where everyone has a key that operates their apartment and no other apartments, but they all have access to a basement with laundry. When the system is maison keyed, an individual’s key will operate both their apartment and the basement.

Locks that rotate to different spots depending on the key (usually Supervisor access).

We can provide some switch locks that allow one key to rotate the lock to one access point, but no further, while a supervisor key can rotate the lock to the initial position but also an additional position which may allow for a higher level of access.

Locks with multiple keys:

There are some applications that need a few number of locks and lots of keys. That is no problem for Northeast Lock. We have had customers buy one lock and thousands of keys for that lock. Our keys are all cut with precision to ensure every key will work with that lock with no problem.

Key replacement:

All of the keys that Northeast Lock sells are stamped with some type of code. For replacement key orders, we just need to know that code and we will be able to sell you replacement keys that will work in your locks.