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Elevator Locks

Switch Locks

We offer the widest selection of switchlocks that service the needs of the elevator industry allowing you to get exactly the right lock for each job.


Cam Locks

Our wide range of cam locks can be keyed to the specific code requirements of your jurisdiction and will have the finish, length, positions and keypulls that you need.


Cabinet Locks

Wide variety of styles and configurations to meet your specific elevator job requirements


Replacement Keys

Elevator Locks

Northeast Lock’s elevator locks and keys are designed specifically for applications in the elevator industry. We have locks and keys for all of the major elevator functions to all of the specifications required by code.  Northeast Lock is the leading provider of locks to the elevator industry. We have the widest selection of parts and key codes available from any supplier.  Our elevator locks are made from high-quality materials that stand up to years of use. Our customer service representatives have a deep understanding of the elevator lock requirements.  If you need a lock or key for an elevator, give us a call and we will get you exactly what you need and fast.

What are elevator locks?

Elevator Locks are generally made up of switchlocks, cabinet locks, and cam locks.  They are used for various functions within an elevator system.     

Switch Locks

Switchlocks are sometimes referred to keyswitches.  The terms are interchangeable. Many switchlocks require a specific number of positions and a specific number of key pulls.  We have single pole, double pole, triple pole and more switches depending on your needs.  We also have different finishes so that you can match your chrome, satin chrome, or brass elevator panel.

We provide the widest choice of elevator switch locks that can be used for various jobs in the elevator industry, so we can ensure that you get the proper safety for the job at hand.

Cam Locks

As well as being keyed to meet your jurisdiction’s codes, we manufacture a wide range of cam locks customized to match the finish, length, position, and key pull you require.

Cabinet Locks

Our elevator locks are available in many styles and configurations to meet your specific elevator needs.  These are mostly used in fire service panels that require that the cabinet be self closing.  These locks are sometimes referred to as slam locks as a result.  For fire service, elevators require that you have a Phase 1, Phase 2 and Cabinet lock all keyed to the same number.  We have both stud mounted and screw mounted spring bolt cabinet locks for use in the elevator industry.  We provide cabinet locks to all of the major fire service key codes.

What are elevator keys?

An elevator key controls various elevator devices and functions. A key used in an elevator can also activate the unique service modes, some of which are used in emergencies and firefighting. 

You can also use elevator keys to restrict the use of elevators or access to some or all floors. 

Popular Elevator keys are either defined specifically by code or are picked by large Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEMs) or elevator maintenance or fixture companies.  

Replacement Keys

We offer different brand replacement elevator keys manufactured for your needs, such as Northeast Lock replacement keys, Illinois Lock Company Replacement Keys, Medeco Replacement Keys, Yale Replacement Keys or even other replacement keys, including CompX, Ace-Style, Tubular, Chicago & Fort.


Fire Service Keys specific to certain geographical areas:

FEOK1 or FEO-K1 (abbreviation for Fire Emergency Operation Key -1: Used nationally

AZFS: Arizona

BFD1: Connecticut

Yale 3502: Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Maine

Yale 2642: New York City

Yale 255: White Plains

WD01: Rhode Island

SC1000: South Carolina

LAUEK: Louisiana

VAUEK: Virginia

FFSK1: Zone 1 Florida

FFSK2: Zone 2 Florida

FFSK3: Zone 3 Florida

FFSK4: Zone 4 Florida

FFSK5: Zone 5 Florida

FFSK6: Zone 6 Florida

FFSK7: Zone 7 Florida

SI2: Indiana Fire Box Key

AS5594: Kentucky

Other Popular Keys include: 


TKE: L201, L202, L203, L204, L205, L206


Schindler: 501CH, H200, H301, OC01, OC04


MAD: X4001, X4002, X4003, X4004, X4005

Monitor: J200, J201, J217, J220, J222

Innovation: EX511, EX512, EX513, EX514, EX515

PTL: PT01, PT04, PT14, PTFS

Dover: H1846, H1848, H2007, H2011, H2252

Adams: AE102, GG101, MM101

CJ Anderson: M700, M701, M702

GAL: R63C FS, R63C LF, R63C INS, R63C MK, R63CA, G1601P, G1617P 

Specific functions of elevator locks and keys

Modern elevators have switchlocks so emergency services or law enforcement can use them in an emergency and for authorized technicians to work on the elevator. Here is the specific function of an elevator lock and key: 

Some of the most popular functions that are used in elevators include:

  • Hoistway Access: Double Momentary Function, Springs back to center
  • Hoistway Enable: Two position, 2 keypulls
  • Run/Stop: Two position, 2 keypulls
  • Stop/Run: Two position, 2 keypulls
  • Independent Service: Two position, 2 keypulls
  • Emergency Power (The number of positions equals the number of elevators plus one for auto or off)
  • Light/Fan (varies depending on whether or not the fan has a high/low option)
  • Floor Lockout: Two position, 2 keypulls
  • Car Call: Single Momentary Spring Return
  • Code Blue: 
  • EMS: Sing Momentary Spring Return
  • Fire Service Phase 1: 3 Positions, keypulls at center and clockwise, no keypull in counter clockwise position
  • Fire Service Phase 2: 3 Positions, keypulls at center and counter clockwise, no keypull in clockwise position
  • Inspection: Two position, 2 keypulls
  • Unlock the elevator door: You can use the hoistway keyhole to unlock the elevator door using a specific drop key. There is a keyhole outside every elevator for maintenance personnel or firefighters to access the elevator shaft if necessary. 

The keys aren’t universal, but each manufacturer usually has their own standard key for each function.  

Advantages of elevator locks and keys

  • Offers a high level of security: Elevator locks and keys are an effective way to secure elevators from unauthorized use. Only authorized personnel can operate the elevator by using a key, preventing unauthorized access to floors or areas that may be off-limits. Additionally, by locking the elevator functions, you can ensure that only authorized personnel can perform certain tasks, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Can help prevent accidents:  By preventing unauthorized access to the elevator, elevator locks and keys can help to avoid accidents. If unauthorized personnel access the control panel in an elevator, they may tamper with the controls, leading to an accident.
  • It can deter crime: An elevator lock and key can prevent crime by making it more difficult for criminals to access an elevator. Suppose a criminal tries to break into an apartment on a higher floor. They may be less likely to do so if they know they need a key to operate the elevator. 
  • Improves building safety: If only authorized personnel have keys, then you can be sure that everyone using the elevator has been properly trained on how to use it safely. Also, locking the elevator doors can help prevent people from accidentally entering an empty or out-of-service elevator.
  • You will have peace of mind: It can bring a great deal of peace of mind to know that your elevators are secured with locks and keys to ensure they are safer from unauthorized use and accidents.

Our elevator locks and keys code requirements

Northeast Lock provides the largest selection of locks for various elevator applications. 

When you need elevator locks that adhere to national and state regulations, we’re the ones to call. The following standards are met by our comprehensive OEM and retrofit solutions:

  • ASME 17.1
  • ICC
  • 2012 NFPA1
  • VA 2009 State Fire Code requirements (effective March 2011)
  • Louisiana code, House Bill No. 1159

Keep your building safe and secure with our durable elevator locks and keys

Please remember we aren’t locksmiths. But we are your provider for any locks and keys your elevator might need. There is more to our business than just pulling a product off the shelf and shipping it. It is our responsibility to provide locks according to our customer’s specifications. 

Although elevator locks and keys have been around for many years, they are still susceptible to theft and vandalism. If you are maintaining or repairing an elevator lock system, it is essential to know the latest locks and keys. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or to schedule a consultation.

We look forward to helping you keep your property safe and secure!


Elevator Safety Code Compliant Locks & Keys


Florida Map Small

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State of Virginia

In order to qualify for a controlled key purchase, please start by filling out the required form (PDF). Once completed, fax to us 1-800-524-2576, and we will contact you to complete the order.

(Click here to download Florida Key Required Form) pdf

(Click here to download Louisiana Key Required Form) pdf

Northeast Lock is your source for compliant elevator locks that meet all State and Federal Elevator codes. Our complete OEM and retrofit solutions are fully compliant with:

  • ASME 17.1
  • ICC
  • 2012 NFPA1
  • VA 2009 State Fire Code requirements (effective March 2011)
  • Louisiana code, House Bill No. 1159

The following list of FAQs regarding VA 2009 State Fire Prevention Code was provided to us from Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office (Standardized-Fire-Service-Elevator-Key FAQs) pdf