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SFIC (Small Format Interchangeable Core)

SFIC (Small Format Interchangeable Core)

There are a lot of locks on the market, and it can be tough to know which is the right one for your project. Here at Northeast Lock Co., we offer both SFIC (Small Format Interchangeable Core) and LFIC (Large Format Interchangeable Core) locks that are perfect for various applications. Our products are made of lasting quality, so you can rest assured that they will perform well repeatedly. 

Our team is here to help you choose the perfect lock for your needs. We offer various options, whether you need an interchangeable core cabinet locks or switch locks.

Benefits of using SFIC and LFIC locks

Here are the benefits of using small format interchangeable locks: 

  • Increased security: LFIC and SFIC locks allow you to quickly change out cores when you believe that there has been a breach to your key control.  SFIC and LFIC locks have a special locking side bar that can be moved with a control key.  This allows the core to be inserted in the housing quickly and easily.  By changing out compromised systems, users can maintain higher levels of security in their systems.  Additionally, SFIC and LFIC locks often have additional security features such as anti-bump or anti-drill protection.
  • Easy to install: SFIC and LFIC locks are much easier to install than traditional ones because they do not require special tools or equipment. They just require a special key that can be provided with the cylinders.  Additionally, SFIC and LFIC locks often come with detailed instructions that make installation a breeze.
  • Affordable: SFIC and LFIC locks have become more affordable, especially compared to their costs when they were introduced, making them an excellent option for those on a budget who still want to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality lock.

About SFIC Locks

Small Format Interchangeable Cores is a core lock adapter that can be interchanged if disclosed. There’s an outer and inner wall on the interchangeable core lock adapter. The outer wall fits inside a specially designed interchangeable core housing. Meanwhile, a small format interchangeable core lock can be received by the inner wall.

There are many uses for SFIC universal locks with a master key, like re-keying because of employee turnover or security concerns. It is probably the most common lock style in offices, universities, and government buildings worldwide.  Best Lock pioneered this design a few decades ago.  Since then other manufacturers have piggybacked on their creative idea to bring more cost-effective solutions to market.

With our extensive SFIC core and housing offer, end users can find solutions to any SFIC issue. Our Arrow brand offers some of the most competitive pricing in the market if you’re looking for an economical replacement. 

Medeco Keymark is the perfect solution if you need an extremely large or complex master key system and/or patented vital control. Our team has access to the widest selection of housing available on the market if you are having problems retrofitting an older application. With Northeast Lock, you’ll get SFIC solutions that work.

Our Nexgen XT line of electronic SFIC cores allows for “instant rekeying” as well as an array of other critical features sure as scheduling and audit features.  Customers love all of the benefits have having all of these rich features in their SFIC system

About LFIC Locks

Manufactures such as Medeco, Yale and Schlage have developed their own versions of interchangeable locks which operate similarly to SFIC locks, but with a different footprint.  Whereas all SFIC cylinders are a standard size, LFIC dimensions vary by manufacturer.  This latch is available in various sizes, lengths, and configurations, including LFIC cam and switch locks. The following features are available in LFIC locks:

SFIC and LFIC locks are used broadly on building applications, but Northeast Lock specializes in their other industrial applications such as cabinet locks and switchlocks.  We offer both left-handed and right-handed cabinet locks for use in both wood and metal applications.  We offer toggle and microswitch solutions for single-pole, double-pole, and momentary SFIC switch lock applications.

Locks that provide superior security for your business

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